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Manulife launches Self-Set Target on its ManulifeMOVE app

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ManulifeMOVE app

Self-Set Target is a new ManulifeMOVE app feature that helps members take better control of their health and wellness by setting their own fitness targets

The ‘Self-Set Target’ feature on the ManulifeMOVE app is designed to be a progression of ‘mini-challenges with incentives’. Members challenge themselves by determining a target number of steps to achieve daily. If they meet this target over four consecutive days, they earn a streak. Seven streaks entitles them to a reward.

One featured reward is a three month subscription to Chris Hemsworth’s health and fitness app, Centr. On Centr, ManulifeMOVE members enjoy full access to exclusive workout programmes, meal plans, and meditation podcasts.

The new Self-Set Target feature is a response to members’ increased efforts to monitor and improve their health and wellness

According to the Manulife Asia Care Survey launched in February this year, 95 percent of respondents in Asia have made personal efforts to improve their health and wellness with 58 percent exercising more regularly and 54 percent improving their diet. Almost all respondents (92 percent) were also taking steps to track their health and fitness levels, including body weight, sleep quality, blood pressure, heartbeat and steps. In Singapore, 89 percent are conscientious about monitoring their health and pay the most attention to their steps compared to their regional counterparts.

How can members redeem ManulifeMOVE app rewards they earn?

Rewards can be redeemed through a suite of leading and locally popular health, wellness, and lifestyle brands such as Fitness First, Cathay Cineplexes, Sweaty Betty, CircleDNA, and Happy Plugs. These rewards are delivered through Rewardz.

Rewardz is a Singapore-based rewards aggregator and management solution that provides rewards such as deals on gym memberships, fitness trackers, and other health, wellness and lifestyle brand offers through their collaboration with Manulife.

Signing up to be a ManulifeMOVE member

Information about becoming a ManulifeMOVE member can be found at this website. It involves purchasing a Manulife policy, receiving a MOVE key, downloading the ManulifeMOVE app and activating the MOVE Key.

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