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JomRun Brings Crayon Shinchan, Garfield, and Spongebob Squarepants Virtual Fun Runs to Singapore

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Running app JomRun in partnership with Nickelodeon and Animation International is bringing thematic virtual fun runs to Singapore

The tales of the fluffy orange anthropomorphic tabby cat Garfield, the adventures of the enthusiastic sea sponge Spongebob Squarepants and the antics of Shinchan have been a source of perpetual entertainment for Singaporeans.

The Crayon Shinchan, Garfield, and Spongebob Squarepants thematic runs will take place concurrently and sequentially from September through to 20 February, 2022.

The virtual fun run series kick-off with the Crayon Shinchan Virtual Run Series which will be launched in three parts.

  • The Crayon Shinchan Virtual Run is taking place until 30 September 2021
  • The Shinchan Biu Biu Virtual Run will take place from 1 October to 30 November 2021
  • The Crayon ShinChan Joyful Time will take place from 1 December 2021 to 31st January 2022

The Garfield Virtual Run is an ongoing event that spans the month of November to January 2022, while the Spongebob Squarepants Virtual Run will take place from the 1 December until 20 February 2022.

Participants can choose between a range of distances – a half marathon (21km) or a 5km run. These distances can be completed in one attempt or spread across multiple time spans in order to make up the distance. To provide flexibility and variety, runners can complete the distance by using a a step counter, a GPS tracking wearable, a  treadmill or other cardio exercises such as jogging in place.


Runners who successfully complete their run can look forward to winning a wide array of limited edition merchandise and exciting prizes such as a finisher medal (21km finishers will receive a Gold medal), a dry-fit shirt, a finisher t-shirt, tattoo stickers, a drawstring bag, a premium cyclist jersey, a face mask, keychain and a tote bag.


The Garfield Virtual Run will also allow the participants to choose their merchandise from three different themes: Foodie Garfield, Sleepy Garfield or Playful Garfield, whilst runners participating in the Crayon Shinchan Virtual Run Series will receive entitlements according to the run they register for.  


Information and registration

To participate, simply download and register on the JomRun app which is available on Apple AppStore and Google Play.

Runners can sign up for the virtual run, pick the distance category and choose their entitlements. They will need to activate the JomRun app tracker and complete the run to receive those limited-edition goodies.

Results will be automatically recorded and the entitlements will be posted after the running period.

Registrations are now open and early bird sign ups will be able to enjoy discounts of up to 50 percent.

Visit the microsite for the Crayon Shinchan and Garfield Virtual Runs Series for more information.

To learn more about JomRun, please visit

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