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Generate income through the The Full-Time Investor community

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The Full-Time Investor

The Full-Time Investor is a growth investing community based in Singapore that helps members grow their investing knowledge and wealth.

In an interview by the Active Age with the founders of The Full-Time Investor, Kelvin Seetoh and Jonathan Ang shared about their backstory, and the reasons for starting up the community.

Kelvin decided to quit his job as a investment analyst to explore his own purpose in life. During his travels before starting up The Full-Time Investor, he reflected that investing has provided him with options. He realised how important it is to build your own wealth and not depend on a job as a main source of income. He decided to focus on helping the middle-class and find fulfilment and satisfaction in educating and helping others.

Coming together with Jonathan Ang, they set up The Full-Time Investor with a mission of putting a one investor in every household. Jonathan shares they were inspired by Bill Gates who set out to put one PC in every household. The concept is to use a sizable portfolio to generate income. Ultimately, it is about helping families grow their wealth independently. When financial freedom is achieved, families can enjoy freedom of time and quality of life you desire.

The Growth Investing Mastery programme comprises of an online course which is self-paced, Growth Profit Calculator, Growth Investor Guide, Superstocks Watchlist and access to a Peer-Support Private Facebook group. This programme is priced at SGD 897.

Pam discussed her participation with The Full-Time Investor as a community member.

The Full-Time Investor

Family of Fathers (FoF): It was inspiring to read about your commitment towards wanting to spend more time with your family. What were some of the ideas, apart from investing, that you considered?

Pam: One of them was to start a business but the start-up capital could potentially be huge and I did not have any idea what business I wanted to do. Another was to just be a stay-at-home-mum (SAHM) but financially it would be very taxing on my husband and we will really need to be mindful of what we spend on.

FoF: What decision-making or analysis mechanism did you use to filter through your options?

Pam: There were a few key factors like the ability to generate income without having to come up with a huge capital, flexibility to work as I wanted to spend time with my family whenever I wish, and no deadlines to meet, no boss to report to and no customers whom I need to answer to.

FoF: How has the experience been over the past 2 years as a GIM member?

Pam: The community is like a big family to me. There is so much information shared that empowers us to make the right decisions to invest. They are very supportive and positive. It is a blessing for me to be in this community. It has indeed helped me to create a better life for myself.

FoF: How has your lifestyle changed since you embarked on your financial journey with The Full-Time Investor/GIM?

I feel healthier as I can exercise regularly in the morning as compared to rushing to the office. Life is less stressful as I do not have deadlines to meet. I am only answerable to my own investment portfolio. I feel peaceful and happier as I have time to do the things that I like to do. Most importantly, I have more time for my kids when they are back from school. I spend time talking to them, coaching them in their studies and cooking their favourite food!

FoF: Do you have any tips for other parents that are looking to spend more time with their families, but are at the stage you were 2 years ago?

I think a lot families dream to have more time for their loved ones especially mothers. However if we continue to dream and not take any action, we will continue to have a mediocre life. Dreaming does not come to fruition magically. We need to be a doer in order to achieve our dreams. Start doing what makes you happy instead of just dreaming about it.  

Excerpts from this article was edited and republished from our partner the Active Age with permission. The original article can be found at this link.

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Photo credit: Pam Wong and Feature photo by Joshua Mayo on Unsplash