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Free myFirst Fone with myFirst subscription plan

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myFirst fone

R-Plan and S-Plan subscription plans come bundled with a free myFirst Fone and are available from SGD 25 a month.

myFirst is a Singapore-based company that seeks to reinvent the way children learn, while embracing technology. The company has introduced a subscription plan bundled with a myFirst Fone package for parents to consider.

myFirst Fones are essentially basic smartphones that are worn as a watch (“watchphones”). The myFirst Fone series was designed to cater specifically to children’s needs with a 2-megapixel (MP) inbuilt camera, clock, GPS, and fitness tracker.

Functions and features of myFirst Fone series watchphones

The device works similar to to other smartphones with voice and video call functions. There are both Android and iOS mobile apps for parents to access and programme the myFirst Fones.

myFirst Fone

The watchphone can provide precise location tracking through GPS, and indoor WiFi Tracking via Google System and LBS (Location Based Service). This provides accessible and convenient information for parents who wish to keep track of their child’s location.

It also comes equipped with a SOS alert that sends distress signals through an integrated SOS button. Parents will receive an emergency location notification alert with 30 seconds of live recording that can capture the sounds fro the child’s environment.

Parents can use the mobile app to activate Class Mode on the watchphones. This mode is similar to Do Not Disturb functions on many smartphones. During set hours – for example, school hours – specific functions of the watchphones such as phone calls and texts are locked. The SOS button remains active, and can be triggered despite Class Mode.

Pricing and availability

There are two different models in the series, the myFirst Fone R1 and the myFirst Fone S2. The myFirst Fone R1 is a music smartwatch phone while the myFirst Fone S2 is a smartwatch with care call functions. The R1 retails at SGD 229 and the S2 retails at SGD 179. Both devices come in three colours.

If parents are interested in the subscription plan with device bundle, they can get either the R-Plan subscription plan at SGD 28/month or the S-Plan subscription plan at SGD 25/month. Both plans are active for 12 months. More information can be found at their website.

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Images courtesy of myFirst.