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FairPrice app offers customer the option to pay for purchases at physical stores

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The enhanced FairPrice app enables customers to shop both online and at physical stores. Customers can also earn, redeem and track LinkPoints, without the need to carry a physical rewards card.

According to NTUC FairPrice (“FairPrice”), cashless transactions made up more than half of all transactions at physical FairPrice outlets in 2020. This is due to a 25 percent year-on-year increase in 2020. This customer shift towards digital payment provides added benefits such as speeding up in-store transactions, reducing queue waiting times and minimising physical contact.

The last benefit might appeal to some customers that are worried about money being a carrier for the COVID-19 virus or other germs. Just to be clear, there has been zero evidence that cash has been a carrier for the virus so far.

The refreshed and enhanced app provides customers the convenience of paying for their purchases across all FairPrice retail formats and Unity pharmacies island-wide. With the app, customers can shop both online and at physical stores and at the same time, earn, redeem and track LinkPoints. Customers are no longer required to present a a physical Plus!/NTUC Plus! (Union) card or OCBC Plus! credit card for their purchases in order to earn or redeem loyalty points. This removes the need for customers to carry any physical or payment cards when they shop in-store.

The enhanced FairPrice app … empowers them with the convenience of tracking their transactions as well as checking balances on their reward points so that they can maximise savings when they shop with us.

Mr Seah Kian Peng, Group CEO of FairPrice Group

With the enhancement, customers can have their loyalty points and purchase receipts tracked in real-time.


Additionally, the Plus! Rewards programme will no longer require a minimum SGD 20 spend to start earning LinkPoints when shopping at FairPrice.

The enhanced FairPrice app is available on 1 August 2021. It is available for download for download on Apple Store or Google Play.

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