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Expert articles and Guest posts Guidelines

We welcome expert articles and guest posts from contributors. For perspective, context and information about Family of Fathers, please visit our About Family of Fathers page.

When it comes to contributed articles and posts, we value quality over quantity. We look for submissions that will add value to our community of fathers. These articles and posts are interesting, thought-provoking and unique.

Here are some guidelines to reference if you would like to share an article or post on Family of Fathers.

What’s the difference between an expert article and a guest post?

An expert article is contributed by a specialist or subject matter expert in their field with a clear focus on trends, or insights. A guest post can be contributed by a specialist or generalist that is looking to add new information that encourages thinking and discussion about a topic.

What are we looking for in both expert articles and guest posts?

  1. Original content: We will share content that has not been not been published anywhere else. Our team will do a check as part of our evaluation process.
  2. Target audience: We are writing primarily for readers that are fathers. These readers could be starting on their fatherhood journey, or facing an empty nest as their children are grown up. Please share information that provides value specifically for this group.
  3. Article length: We recommend keeping articles and posts to between 800 – 1,200 words.
  4. Pictures and photos: All articles and posts should have an accompanying image as well as a caption/link to credit the source. The picture should be 660 x 440 pixels.
  5. Professional representation: Contributors are welcome to mention their professional titles, affiliations and capacities. However, posts must be largely non self-promotional in nature. Mentions of products and services are to be avoided, unless they are directly relevant and appropriate for the topic.
  6. Language and grammar: All submissions should be in UK English. We reserve all right to edit contributions for accuracy, brevity, house style and to correct grammar or spelling mistakes without changing meaning and coherence.

Will we publish links shared in the submission?

Yes, we will.

We will provide full attribution to the contributor so please remember to include a bio and a profile picture (no digital avatars, cartoon representations, etc) for article or post submissions, and include a link to the contributor’s LinkedIn profile.

We will allow up to 2 non-commercial links within the article as long as they are relevant.

Links are also subject to review – we don’t promote questionable services including but not limited to gambling, pornography, illegal drugs, etc. We follow Singapore’s law as a guide when defining legal and illegal products and services. When in doubt, check with us first.

Editorial decision

Right to reject: We reserve the right to reject any contributed article or post for any reason

Right to remove: We reserve the right to remove any contributed posts that are found to contravene guidelines, even after the article or post has been published.

We also reserve the right to remove links or content that we consider offensive or harmful.

Any violation of our policies can result in removal of article, post, content or links from any of our Family of Fathers’ platforms at the editors’ discretion.

Sponsored content

If there are guidelines that you or your brand might find narrow or restrictive, do consider working with us on sponsored or paid content instead. Sponsor content will support us and keep us afloat so that we can continue to inform and empower our community of fathers.

We offer a range of sponsored content options ranging from articles and posts, link placements, social media amplification and newsletters. The package includes research, writing, editorial guidance and placement on the Family of Fathers’ platforms.

If you are a brand looking for support in positioning and telling your story to fathers and parents, we can help with that too. There is the possibility of using a grant for this purpose as well.