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Employees prefer workplace flexibility post-pandemic

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workplace flexibility

Post-pandemic, employees prefer workplace flexibility, delivered through a hybrid work arrangement. This entails two or three days a week working from home and the rest in the office.

SEEK Asia, Boston Consulting Group (BCG) and The Network have released a new study titled Decoding Global Ways of Working. The study found that 89 percent of the global workforce expects workplace flexibility, that is to work remotely more often, after the pandemic is over.

In Singapore, 74 percent of respondents agreed with the finding. They would prefer a hybrid workplace arrangement. Such an arrangement would see the employee spend several days working remotely and the remainder of the week in the office.

The survey further indicated that the workforce is looking for flexibility. Only 20 percent of respondents shared that they would switch to a completely remote working arrangement if they could.

workplace flexibility

Another interesting insight is the shift in job preferences. Compared to 2018, respondents in the 2020 survey shared that they value good relationships with their superiors, good relationships with their colleagues and financial compensation. Other factor such employer’s financial stability, career development, learning and skills training rank lower.

workplace flexibility

Diversity and inclusion as well as the environment have become more important to employees. About seven in 10 respondents value diversity and inclusion in the workplace; while that number is six in 10 respondents (64 percent) have shared that environmental responsibility is important to them.

A total of 6,280 Singaporean respondents — out of 209,000 participants across 190 countries — took part in the study.

For fathers with children that are working from home (WFH) and looking to become more effective, they can consider using some of the following tips:

  • Set boundaries and compartmentalise
  • Create a routine and stick to it
  • Reframe your expectations

If your workplace aligns with the workplace flexibility approach, remember there are many positives with WFH. These include the ability to spend more quality time with the children, share meals together, being home to tell bedtime stories and the opportunity to head outdoors together with enduring a long commute home first.

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Infographic credit to JobStreet and Photo by Chris Montgomery on Unsplash